Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Read my comments under last post. Epic stuff. u can practically see the light bulb flash on.
This phidget has got to be the biggest sunova bitch known to man! First it says its example program is only available in C# so im like aite so i learn C# to understand and try copy it or implement the example. Then it turns out the example is either freakin invisible or non-existent coz for the life of me i cannot find that sucker anywhere! the i think i could work any other phidget in the world by now EXCEPT this one... not cool guys.

The only input i can get from it is the diference in kPa on the interfaceKits display. not sure if we can access that for the purpose of our game but yeh.. on the up side i can now program a phidget interfaceKit in java lols!

working on the DGPS

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Another idea would be a FPS-style game, where the player would NOT be doing the aiming, but would operate a pump-action shotgun in-game, and they would be wielding a hand pump in real life, connected to a phidget sensor. The player would pump their shotgun with the handpump, and would possibly fire it with a second footpump(?). The player would have to time their shots just right (Sort of like Elite Beat Agents' system, if anyone knows that.) If thy fire too early, the shot would miss, so they would have to wait for the perfect moment to fire. The downside to this would be that if there numerous enemies on screen, things can get hectic, so the player would have to pump and shoot. I'm just worried this might be a bit too ambitious for one week.

Move them feet!

Alright, so here goes. Since I think we're more or less settled on using a pump device for our exertion game, how about we list a whole bunch of game ideas we can implement with it?

Perhaps a series of really short minigames ala Wario Ware?

A 10 second game to try and blow up a virtual balloon before your opponent blows his up.
An elevator minigame, using the pumps and air pressure to raise and lower the elevators in a crumbling skyscraper (The bottom of the elevator would be dropping lower and lower off the screen and the player would have to pump the elevator up to a correct floor to grab the people, all the while keeping above the bottom of the screen, at the top of the elevator building would be a pair of helipads for both players (there were two elevator shafts). Which would lead to..

The helicopters being raised and lowered depending on how hard/fast the players are pumping. Might possibly have to dodge obstacles? (Fighter jets, etc etc.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pumping up virtual balloon

Sup peeps so pumping up a virtual balloon with a Tangible HID. We found out that theres a game like this on the wii but this would be x100 better with a more realistic input. We discussed using a hand AND foot controlled pump. Some footpumps pictured below, then we just need to work out a way of getting input from them. We could use a mouse clicker thats been pulled apart under the pedal so it gets clicked down when pushed on. If we could make a way that it would measure the intensity or effort that would be genius, ie you get more from long hard pushes that just tapping it .

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Balloon Kart video!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Revision on the 'mario kart' game.

Alright, this is basically what I described to us at the courtyard, put in text.

Before the game begins, the 'Game Master' would plant stashes of 'weapons' (ie. balloon popping equipment) in random locations, then take a photo of that location with the stash with their phone camera. Just before the game begins, the GM would send one of the photographs to all the players via MMS or something like that, and the players would then be able to try and locate this 'stash'. ( I was thinking of having the GM plant all the stashes in one go, but then I realized that if he did that, then players may accidentally stumble upon the weapon pickups, but then again this may not be a bad thing.)

Once a player has picked up a weapon (It would be very limited; for example if the weapon was a rubber band, there would only be one rubber band and a handful of paperclips, or just one pencil.) he would obviously gain an advantage over the other players, much like Pac Man in a sense. 3 or 5 minutes later, the GM would send out another MMS with another photograph of a stash, and begins the rush for the weapon. The player already armed can use this to their advantage, if he knows where the 2nd stash is, he can try and get there before the others or to attempt an ambush for the players looking for the stash.

This would go on until there's only one player standing, and he would be declared the winner.

Another thing I was thinking about, in order to stop people from completely beating someone out of the game by popping all their balloons in a row would be that once they pop someone's balloon, they'd have to go after a different target and pop their balloons. Only then can they return to their previous target and pop another balloon.

While the game would obviously involve a lot of running, players must be really careful not to run too fast or blindly as they may end up tearing the balloons from their backs, or get their own balloons popped by sharp objects in the environment, like trees or sharp corners.